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Columbus State Community College Language Institute

Each topic headed by ♦ is the title of a page.

Overview Information

LI History and Scrapbook

Instructor Requirements

Policies and procedures of the College and this program

  • Instructor contractual requirements
  • Lead instructors
  • Employee conduct
  • Dress requirements
  • Language
  • Problem-solving and grievances
  • Basic job description

Teaching Responsibilities

Classroom protocols

  • Arrival and departure times / staff no-shows
  • Gifts
  • Use of College equipment
  • Housekeeping responsibilities
  • Room assignments
  • Disruptive students
  • Student use of cell phones in class
  • Cheating
  • Children in class
  • Privacy of student information
  • Weather
  • Photocopying for classroom use / Photocopying and Fair Use
  • Supplemental materials

Record Keeping

Beginning of Term


End of Term - Final Exams

Basic English Curriculum

Course Information

GED/HSE Program


Program status and direction

Time Entry

LOAs and time entry

Campus Resources

Safety and security

Campus Resources


Important dates - Calendar of Events and upcoming term dates

Evaluations and reviews - Information regarding instructor evaluation

Placement tests and orientations - Information for instructors doing placement testing or Basic English Orientations

Tutoring and Open Computer Lab

Lead instructors

Going from non-credit to credit