Safety and security

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Public Safety: (614) 287-2525 (2525 from a campus phone)

  • Emergency procedures
  • Staff responsibilities
  • Emergency evacuation of students with disabilities
  • Emergency reporting procedures
  • Location of emergency telephones and first-aid material
  • Reporting crimes or accidents

Safety and Security

Always be aware of your surroundings. If something seems “wrong”, take a minute to consider why you feel that way.

Contact Public Safety at (614) 287-2525 (2525 from a campus phone) if you believe there is immediate danger.

If you are leaving campus after dark, you may call Public Safety to escort you to your car.

Don’t leave your valuables (this includes textbooks!) unattended.

Be sure your students are aware of what to do in case of an emergency on campus or elsewhere. They should know whom to call and how to talk about emergency situations.

Watch a video about safety here:

Emergency Procedures – Staff Responsibilities

Staff members are responsible for:

  • Being familiar with all procedures and routes.
  • Responding appropriately to fires/fire drills.
  • Teaching students the procedure for exiting the building.
  • Shutting all classroom doors, if possible.
  • Taking attendance sheets when exiting the building and counting the students to be sure everyone is out safely.
  • Remain outside until notified it is safe to return.

If a student is injured in your class, it is REQUIRED that Campus Police MUST be contacted. A report must be filed for each injury. Campus Police phone number is 287.2525. Also, please be sure to contact me or the Non Credit Office. If the injury happens during evening or weekend hours, an email to Tara is fine as a follow-up.